सोमवार, 1 नवंबर 2010

A sweet sound came to me,''Are you alright !''

I came late tonight and was feeling tired,
I saw You standing before Mirror,
 Setting Bindi on Forehead,
And, I, an effortless kiss, aspired .

I came closer to You slowly,
Put my Chin on your right shoulder.
Your breath, I heard, got  faster ,
And, drew away all my melancholy.

I said to you ,'' Look at me , My Princess !
And, You turned your head towards me,abruptly.  
Oh! My dream,came true,of effortless and innocent kiss,
And, so, you filled in me infinite ecstasy, My Empress !

 A sweet sound came to me  ,''Are you alright !''
I  whispered warbling  ,'' yes , wonderful tonight ! ''.

----अरविंद पाण्डेय